19 December 2012

Afiq Volaris Complaining About Instagram

Yeah as the title stated above. Complaining people. So if you don't want to hear me complaint like mak-mak or auntie please leave. Read on your own risk. Sound serious right.!

So I guess every single person on this earth has instagram account. Well I just made it last couple of months ago. Ceh baru buat account dah nak complaint bagai kheennnn. I think it's cute application and convenient cause when you berpeluh muih and look messy sebab jalan 20 kilometer nak pergi kelas and suddenly rasa macam pakai baju cantik hari tu and nak tangkap gambar tapi muka berpeluh, well instagram make your life easier. Just slap some filter on it and all your messy look and sweats goes away.

But clearly there are some pictures that make me turns to zombie and make an entry for my new blog post. Thanks sebab bagi idea. Eh.?! First of all let's talk about self-pic. Well I never have self-pic. I akan suruh orang tangkap gambar I sebab kadang-kadang kalau tangkap gambar muka sendiri nampak mata sebelah je atau nampak forehead je. Dasar tangan tak dibedung masa kecik. Well then it's worthly to take your own pictures occasionally but then when you take your own pictures every day or every 6 HOURS, then YOU HAVE A PROBLEM HONEY.!!! I think you brain just get contaminated. If you think we want to see your two hundred and seventy nine pictures in a row sitting and pose in some awkward places and you think obviously that is sexy and cute, well again YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. Even more annoying and this is usually the female taking pictures and say "no filter", "no make-up" then how that concealer and lip balm ended up on your face. Oh because when you woke up you go to the toilet and spend 20 minutes in there, back to your bed and take you self-pic, slap some filter in instagram lepas tu post kat twitter and facebook. Lagi satu kalau tak difilter why your face is glowing. Oh girls, I knew you use valencia.!

Somehow instagram now integrated with facebook and twitter cause when you uploaded a picture then it appears in my news feed. This allow me to see which pictures you like, who do you follow on instagram and and which picture you leave some comments on it. This is not healthy honey boo. Because you know what, nowadays people can sell your pictures and spreading it all over the internet without your permission. So sila berhati-hati. Dah terlanjur nak menulis ni, nak cakap sikit la kan, and it also a reminder foe me to become a better person in the future. Kalau yang perempuan tu make sure la sebelum post gambar tengok dulu aurat tu jaga baik ke tak. Tutup habis ke tak. Pakai ketat sana sini bukan bagus sangat sebab nanti blood circulations tak jalan dengan lancar. Laki-laki pulak tak usah la tangkap gambar muncung itik dari angle atas dengan tak berbaju sampai nampak tulang clavicle kau tu timbul bagai. Tak payah ok.! Kalau kau model fitness tu boleh la di instagramkan supaya ramai gadis-gadis like serta mamat-mamat gay yang gersang like pictures kau tu dan komen berlecak-lecak kat situ. Bukan apa setiap yang kita tunjukkan kat umum akan jadi saksi di akhirat kelak. Well kita orang Islam. Aurat tetap aurat. Cover what you should cover ok.!

I address this issue because I saw this on facebook and it's worthly to share with you people.! Hate me.?! Love me.?! I don't care cause I just want to share good things here. Bukan try nak jadi ustaz ke apa tapi sekadar perkongsian bersama. Kalau tak suka baca butang pangkah atas merah tu ada. Sila tekan. Ok tu je nak beritahu. See you till then. Bye.!

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Nurul Ainaa said...

ahaha.. tergelak2 kay baca entri ni :D