15 February 2014

A Pride Forgiveness

In this life you learn from your mistakes. Sometimes you learn it in easy way or learn it too late. I've been thinking about forgiveness a lot lately. Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them. 
But sometimes someone's doesn't deserve to be forgiven. I don't know if i'll ever able to. You keep give,give and give love to people around you without you knew that your life in hell and not eceiving any love in return. The feeling of betrayed, anger mixed with sadness, mixed with deep hurt, and intermingled somewhere in there are feelings of love . Strange feelings to have all at once.

I remember thinking that I knew what forgiveness was. Someone hurts you and then they say i'm sorry, and then you say forgive them and then it's over . Kind of. But kind of not. Because forgiveness is not that.

You'll feel better if you forgive. It's really for you. But it's not for you. It's a gift you gift to others because of the gift given to you. You make a decision and you make a choice to absorb the cost of that forgiveness.But this doesn't mean that you don't feel hurt anymore. It doesn't mean you're done processing. This is the beginning. This is a great start.

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